About Us

ReKindled Ottawa allows you to sample many of the unique and diverse products that are offered in our city, delivered right to your doorstep. 

Each month, you will receive a package of specially selected products from locally-owned Ottawa businesses. These may include food, bath and body products, art and handy crafts, and more. 

Discover Ottawa...

Without leaving your house!

Coffee Shop
Image by Robbie Palmer

Support Local

By subscribing to the ReKindled Ottawa Box, you are ensuring a sales boost for several local small businesses. This is a great way to help local business owners to rebuild their businesses during the pandemic, and to allow them to showcase their products. Orders are placed as a one-time bulk purchase from each company.

Owned and Operated Locally. 

ReKindled Ottawa is a new locally owned business owned by mom of 2, Samantha Smadella. The pandemic led the way for a career change, and this new venture offered the opportunity to work from home while caring for her children. ReKindled is also a work of passion to support local and tackle the pandemic together with our neighbours. 

sam and kids.jpg

Owner / Operator of ReKindled Ottawa, Samantha Albert and her children. 

Photo by Four Leaf Photography